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About Us

WOBI-STAL Ltd. was established in 2004 as a private company and since beginning till now is managed by the owner Mr. Jacek Bielecki.

On the initial phase of activity, the company has been placed in Nowa Dęba city where the new clients were found. The first crucial moment in company’s activity was year 2005 when the headquarter of trade office was moved to Stalowa Wola and localized on Special Economic Zone.

A new localization allowed for dynamic development of a raw steel trade which was the basic subject of activity during his first stage. Successive years have been the time of dynamic rise of sale, the company started cooperation with the new clients including also the big domestic firms localized in industrial areas of Stalowa Wola. A new localization in industrial areas near Huta Stalowa Wola Company allowed for serious facilitation in raw steel materials distribution and fast reaction for the client’s demands.


Performed with success activities allowed to increase the range of works of company. In 2006, company started up to burn cutting of steel metal sheets using a gas, plasma and laser machines. A good back up of the raw steel and growing demand on the market allowed us to start up of a steel constructions manufacture.

In 2012 there was opened the new workshop with surface of 3500 square meters what allowed to increase our production capacity for the wide rang of steel constructions fabrication. Owned certificates gave us a chance for starting cooperation with foreign clients from branch of offshore, railways, power, mining industry and others.

To be able to perform the full process of construction’s fabrication and have the new clients, our company started up the complex machining process. The machining division has been developed and complemented with a new CNC machines.
The WOBI-STAL company assures our customers a complete satisfaction with many year experience in steel branch, the full knowledge of the market and high qualifications of the staff and personnel.

Our several-year presence on the steel market made possible for us to present ourselves as a reliable partner. Owing to both; the knowledge and skill, our enterprise accomplishes terms and conditions of concluded contracts in time, with honest and professional attitude towards each of our clients.
WOBI-STAL invite You to enjoy our professional services and complete cooperation.