More than 10 years of deliveries for the most demanding industries give us strong cenfidence of our skills and realiability. Powered by digital technology, strategic partnerships and a strong culture of solving problems, we deliver highly developed steel fabrications with the highest technical demands working on though conditions and special purpose in a safe, predictable and sustainable way.

All steps of production processes including designing, engineering, prefabrication, welding, painting, assembling, final inspaection and dispatche are executed by our experienced team under one roof, allow us to became a strategic supplier to our partners. 



We are proud to be supplier to sub-sea, mining, railway and material handling sectors. Our products are delivered to locations across the globe, ready for assembling and work in thoughest conditions. 

Our jurney starts at small production workshop in the back of Historical HSW Steel Mill that’s give us deep understanding of steel processing and let us welding what the future needs.